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Coronal Mass Ejection
Catalog: M2M_CATALOG
Start Time: 2023-01-24T15:24Z ( SOHO: LASCO/C2 )
All Detecting Spacecrafts:
Activity ID: 2023-01-24T15:24:00-CME-001 (version 1)
Note Keyword:
Faint: Faint event; may affect type assignment
Source Signature Keyword:
FLR: Flare
PEA: Post eruption arcade
FIL: Filament eruption
OFL: Moving/Opening field lines
Morphology Keyword:
OS: Other and Shock Candidate
Note: This CME is seen to the NW in SOHO LASCO C2, C3 and STEREO A COR2 imagery. It appears to have a faint shock front with separate core/bulk portion. The source for this CME is unclear due to multiple eruptions occurring on the Earth-facing disk, including a filament eruption that may have triggered a flare or very bright post-eruptive arcade. The filament eruption stretched across the NE quadrant of the disk, just North of AR13192 (N15W64) towards the northern pole (N60W10). There were multiple filamentary material portions that erupted around the same time in this area followed by a bright post-eruptive arcade that was picked up as a C9.4 class flare from AR13192. These eruptions are all visible in SDO/AIA 304, 193, 171, and 094. It is unclear at this time which of these is the source for this CME.
Submitted on 2023-01-24T20:23Z by Carina Alden

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The List of CME Analysis already entered:
Event Type Catalog
Data Level"data level" based on how the measurements were derived. 0=real-time, 1=real-time and checked by supervising forecaster, 2=retrospective science level data analysis.
Prime?"primary flag" which is either True or False. If there are multiple CME analysis entries for a single CME, earlier measurements are marked as false when new or more accurate measurements are made. This is a helpful flag if you would like to download only one most accurate CME analysis per CME
Technique Long Lat Speed Type Half Width Time 21.5 Note WSA-ENLIL+Cone Result(s) Submitted By
CME Analysis M2M_CATALOG 0 true SWPC_CAT 17.0 28.0 425.0 S 20.0 2023-01-24T23:50Z These parameters are very preliminary. They are based off of mostly SOHO LASCO C2 and STEREO A COR2 difference imagery. The CME is partially obscured in SOHO LASCO C3 due to the spacecraft's arm seen in the coronagraph. Measured longitudes varied ~+/- 10 degrees. Updated parameters may be made with more SOHO LASCO and STEREO A imagery. 1: Result 1 (2.0 AU)
Carina Alden on 2023-01-24T20:27Z

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FLR Type: C9.4

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